Our Story 


WA Bush Honey really took off when we were offered a spot at the local market. I wanted to offer natural raw unprocessed honey only using glass packaging so that jars could be recycled. As an unrefined product our honey changes characteristics and texture over the year depending on the plants in flower at any given time. We enjoy imparting knowledge of the local nectar and pollen producing flora and think it is important that we all have connection to the food we eat. We offer tasting at the market so people can get to know the different honey flavours and choose their seasonal favourites.

Atti’s story:

Growing up in Scotland we had a beehive in the garden and at 8 years old I was called upon to hold things when my Dad got honey out, only a frame at a time, an interesting and terrifying few minutes. I don’t remember using gloves, only a veil and the fantastic smell of propolis and warm honey and my Dad flicking a bee sting out of his huge wrist as he worked without pausing, and the taste.

About 2012 I got bees of my own, full of ignorance and enthusiasm, [I do not recommend this approach] but so a business was born .

The best honey you can taste is warm and still fresh straight from the hive, its aromatic sweetness catches you in the back of the throat, it blows your mind and when you’re able to speak again it’s just WOW!

Giving you this taste experience has been our goal for the honey we put in jars by avoiding heating the honey in any way the full flavour and aromatics are preserved, additionally the probiotic components, vitamins and antimicrobials remain as God intended like kind words, sweet to the soul and healthy to the body.

For my business to remain sustainable I need to find and target the best nectar flows within 100 kilometres of Albany at the appropriate season of the year. The land we put our hives on is privately owned and it is by the generosity of so many farmers that grant us access to their land that our bees can harvest the honey.